X-Ray Protective Clothes.

The objective to provide the domestic public health with high-quality products that do not have any analogues in Russia resulted in the development of industrial production of a set of individual polyvinylchloride security facilities «RENEX», aimed at protecting patients and medical staff against X-radiation.
The distinctive feature of the security facilities «RENEX» is is that this is film from lead-plated polyvinylchloride, which exceeds other materials in its protective and performance characteristics,is used instead of rubber with different loading.
The important characteristic of security facilities «RENEX» is multi-layer coating, which allows to obtain the best ergonomic and protective properties. Synthetic fabrics, standing disinfection with aqueous solution of chloramines and wet processing, are used to border the individual security facilities.
The individual security facilities «RENEX» are corresponding with IEC 61331-3-98.

Catalogue of x-ray protective clothes.