Industrial Intensifying Screens for Non-Destroing Control.

The name, conventional sign and range of application of screens are listed in Table 1

Table 1.

Screen name Range of application of screens Type of radiographic film, applied with screens
RENEX UPW-1 For obtaining high-quality images with the resolution similar to non-screen defectoscopy. Optically color-blind (blue-sensitive) radiographic films.
RENEX UPW-2 For obtaining high-quality images with a significant reduction in exposure time as compared with non-screen defectoscopy. The same one

The technical characteristics of screens are represented in table 2

Table 2.

Screen name Gain constant as compared with non-screen filming, at least: Transfer constant of contrast for 2 pairs lines / mm, at least: Grain (mean square grain deflection factor), at most:
RENEX UPW-1 15 0,55 0,024
RENEX UPW-2 50 0,30 0,024

Emission spectrum of tungstate luminophor, of which screens are made, is in the full accordance with spectral speed of industrial and medical radiographic films.
The range of voltages on a tube recommended for application of screens is:
• 80-120 kV for screens RENEX UPW-1;
• 100-300 kV for screens RENEX UPW-2.