Medical Intensifying Screens. Green Emitting.

The intensifying screens RENEX with green emitting are produced using rare-earth X-ray luminophors of new generation and designed for medical application. The unique manufacturing equipment, used for the production of the screens, allows to produce high-quality products in the accordance with the international standards. The lavsan film, used as base, and protective film on the basis of polyurethane lacquers allow to increase no-failure operation lresource up to five years without any restrictions on the amount of images. The inspection equipment is used during the production of screens to make an objective appraisal of quality of complete products
The advanced technologies for production of luminophors used by our enterprise ensure:
• low grain level;
• high sharpness of images;
• vanishingly small persistence;
• absence of nonluminous impurities.
The used materials ensure high-strength luminophor layer with «silky» surface and allow to obtain excellent contact between the screen and emulsion layer of a radiographic film. Besides that the RENEX screens contain antistatic additives that significantly reduce the amount of discharges on radiograms.

RENEX EU-G300 are green-emitting intensifying screens with speed 200. They are made of the most effective luminophor, namely oxide gadolinium sulphide, activated by terbium. The manufacturing and inspection equipment allow producing high-quality products, corresponding to the international standards. the properties of luminophor, namely a high efficiency of conversion of X-ray radiation into light emission, and a favorable granulometric composition helped build a universal type of screens that combined a very high-resolution ratio (more than 12 pairs of lines / mm) with a standart intensification.

RENEX EU-G4 are green-enitting intensifying creens with speed 400. Screens possess high intensification and are intended for decrease in dozes. Resolution - 6,5 pairs of lines / mm.

Polymer film, used as base of screens, as well as brand-new high-strength protective coat on the basis of acryl and polyurethane polymers allow increasing the no-failure operation resource up to 5 years without any restrictions on the amount of images.

Spectral characteristics#

Dependence of speed of screens from a x-ray tube voltage#