Medical Intensifying Screens. Blue-Green Emitting.

The long-awaited system

Universal set of intensifying medical screens RENEX EU-Y3/EU-G3

  • Is any breakthrough in the traditional radiology possible?
  • Are you used to work with blue-sensitive film and is it hard for you to go to up-to-date «green» system?
  • Do you really want to get high-quality informative images?
  • Is correct diagnosis the objective of your work?
  • Is cost-perfomance of any importance for you?

New offer of «RENEX» is unique and does not have any analogues in the international market.


The universal combination of the screens can be operated both with blue-sensitive and green-sensitive films without changing filming parameters. Now there is no need to exchange all cassettes in the X-ray room for green ones. You will be able to do this gradually, continuing to work with the blue-sensitive film, and turn to green-sensitive film, when all cassettes are completed with universal screens.

  • High quality of images, obtained both from blue-sensitive and green-sensitive films.
  • Dosage load on a patient is less 2 or 4 times less than the traditional blue-sensitive system.
  • The new universal system allows carrying out any X-ray examinations. You will significantly reduce stock of radiograph cassettes in X-ray rooms.
  • The system works equally well with the modern and out-of-date equipment.
  • If if you do not find these advantages attractive, there is another one left - cost efficiency.

We offer you to choose quality, reasonable prices and manufacture’s guarantee.

Technical Characteristics.

  • Set of high intensifying screens, speed 200.
  • For operation with blue-sensitive and green-sensitive films Kodak, Retina (if film is processed in automatic mode, changing exposure modes does not require)
  • Resolution is at least 8,5 pairs of lines / mm.
  • Range of anode voltage on X-ray tube 35-125 kV.
  • High-strength protective coat.

Range of application.

  • Used for any X-ray examinations (except mammography).
  • Used for general and children’s radiology and in those cases, when restriction of dosage loads on patients is recommended.

Spectral characteristics #

Dependence of speed of screens from a x-ray tube voltage #