About the company

СRENEXТ has been working in Novosibirsk since 1992. For quite a short period of time an industrial base with the unique equipment was built, new technologies were developed and established into the manufacture. What is more, the output of the production, which is successfully completes with the best world samples, was mastered. Nowadays we can say proudly that our enterprise takes a really significant place in a number of manufactures of medical equipment. Moreover, the trade mark СRENEXТ guarantees the invariable high quality of the products.

Since the moment of the founding the main priority in our work are interests of the public health. ThatТs why we acquire only the best and qualitive raw material. The variants of the elaborations are discussed with the skilled doctors. The finished goods are passed the multistage inspection to check quality in the specially created laboratory. The experimental batches are sent for checking to the best medical universities of Russia. Only with such degree of the responsibility for the final result, we can get the product, which is able to guarantee the safety, reliability and the high level of the radiodiagnosis. So the x-ray cassettes СRENEXТ have appeared and have taken a leading place at the market. These cassettes received the reward СThe Novosibirsk Trade MarkТ in 2002. More than 100 000 complete sets have supplied in the medical establishments in Russia and CIS.

СRENEXТ remains the unique manufacturer in Russia which produces medical screens. According to the Russian and European experts, our screens do not concede foreign analogies, and on some parameters excel them. Since 2003 we have established into the manufacture and patented a new system, which is unique because it is universal in use. The system is suitable for all kinds of the radiological researches (except mammography). It works with blue and green sensitive x-ray films equally well. Moreover, the x-ray doze to the patient is lowered in 2-4 times, and the high quality of the received x-ray photos has already been valued by radiologists in many regions of the country.

Representing You our production, we are sure that we offer only the best.